Here are answers to some questions you might have about CLIQUE.

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What is CLIQUE?

CLIQUE is a marketplace for vintage and secondhand fashion. Whether it's time for some wardrobe spring cleaning, or simply to make some extra cash - this is what CLIQUE is about. In the forums, the members can discuss everything between heaven and earth.

What’s the age restriction to use CLIQUE? To sell and shop with CLIQUE, you need to be 18 years old or older. Otherwise you need your parents approval.

How can I join?

Signing up is both simple and free! Registering for an account means that you agree to our Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy . Please note that you can only have one bank account, connected and all billing and personal information must be up to date.

Does it cost anything to join?

Joining CLIQUE is totally free and the only charge is a 20% commission when you sell something.

What is a clique shop?

Clique shops are themed groups for sellers with similar interests, great places to shop, get inspiration and see your favorite sellers’ new items for sale. Clique leaders receive a 5% commission on all items sold by other members within their clique shop, except when selling your items in your own clique shop; in this case the standard 20% commission applies. Everyone can buy items that are sold in clique shops, but only members can sell within them. Membership to cliques are subject to the leaders’ moderation. Whether or not you will sell in your own or someone else’s clique shop, you keep 80% of the profit.

How do I join a clique shop?

Send a request to join a clique shop, and the clique leader will choose to accept or reject. A clique shop can have a maximum of 100 members, but there is no limit to the number of clique shops you can be a member of.


How do I sell my stuff?

When you make a listing, be sure to add photos and a detailed description of the item you wish to sell. The more information you include the easier it will be for you to make a sale. You can sell through someone else’s clique shop, or in your own clique shop.

What sort of information do I need to provide?

Be sure to include sizes and measurements of your items in the description, as well as accurate information on their condition. When selling shoes, it is helpful to note the fit in the description (e.g. “runs small”). When selling more expensive or designer items, we highly recommend that you include a photo of the purchase receipt if you have it, which season the item is from, and when purchased as a measure to aid authenticity for your buyers. If your item has any defects (holes, discoloring, scuff marks, etc.) it is important to photograph and note them. Remember that lying about an item’s condition or omitting any important details can lead to a negative rating & review!

What should I keep in mind when deciding on a price?

When pricing your item, consider price points for similar items listed, taking into consideration the items’ condition and the commission that will be taken from the final sale price. The minimum sale price is 50SEK and maximum 10000SEK.

Before publishing your item for sale, you will also be able to set a shipping cost that will be added to the final price for the buyer. Included at this section is a quick and easy calculator that can help you determine a reasonable shipping price! Please note that the shipping fee cannot exceed 300SEK or cost 3 times more than the item’s selling price.

How do I safely send an item to the buyer?

As you add an item for sale, you will be able to set a preferred delivery option (Shipping or Pickup).

The safest way to ensure both yours and the buyer’s safety is to ship an item through a registered package with tracked shipping. We strongly recommend you have a tracking number to ensure a safe postal delivery. Please be very careful if you opt for a pickup delivery and decide to meet the buyer in person. Note that we cannot provide protection for either you or the buyer if you choose this option.

What can I sell on CLIQUE?

CLIQUE is for buying and selling clothes and accessories.

It is under no circumstances permitted to sell:

Used underwear (swimwear not included). Anything which does not belong to you. Anything illegal (including copyright infringement). Fakes/designer replicas.

Why can I not sell make-up? Currently you can only sell clothes and accessories, but we have plans to open up for more categories.

Can I get assistance to post special products and larger volumes of items?

We can assist taking photos, posting and market special items and large volumes. Get in touch and we'll make sure to help you out! Contact us at support@cliqueshop.com.

Why has my listing been removed?

If your listing has been deleted, CLIQUE has deemed it inappropriate and/or in violation of our Terms and conditions .

I have sent a package that seems to have gotten lost in the mail. What do I do now?

CLIQUE can’t possibly check if and how a seller has shipped off a package. We recommend to always send an item with a trackable number. The seller is always responsible to make sure that the buyer receives the package.

Why did I receive less money than I expected?

CLIQUE takes a 20% sales fee which obviously affects the price. The final amount that you will receive after you’ve sold an item is always shown before you post a product for sale.

I have sold an item and the buyer has received the product, but where is my money?

When your customer has clicked that he or she has received the item, the money will be transfered to you within 1-2 days after your customer has rated you. Stay put!

Can I sell and buy guys clothes with CLIQUE?

Of course! At CLIQUE you can find both women’s and men’s clothing.

A user that sells and buys through Swish and/or other private payment method is risking to have their account removed from CLIQUE.


I found something I like. How do I buy it?

To buy anything on CLIQUE, you need to sign up for an account. Once you’re logged in, select the item and then the “Buy” button and proceed to checkout. You will need to connect your bank account through Trustly to proceed your purchase. If the seller doesn’t accept your purchase or if the transaction fails for any reason, no money will be taken from your account.

How long will it take for me to get what I purchased?

Sellers will have a preferred method for delivery (shipping or pickup) noted in the item description, but you are always welcome to discuss a solution with the seller. In case of shipping, you should expect to have your item delivered within 7 days.

What if something goes wrong and I never get my item?

The first thing you should do if you experience a problem is contact seller as this is the simplest way to come to a solution. If that doesn’t help, you can get in touch with our team at support@cliqueshop.com and we’ll do our best to help.

Is there any way to ensure the item being sold is legit? Can I trust any seller on the site?

You should be wary of potential scams or anything that sounds dodgy. Most of the times things will run smoothly, but if you run into anything odd you can always report it to our staff! If you have any questions about the item, send a message to the seller before buying to ensure satisfaction and fit.

If you are unsure about a seller’s reliability, you can always check out their rating and reviews or contact the seller to clarify any doubts or reservations you may have. If you spot something suspicious, you can always report it to our staff. Remember that any purchase you make is solely between you and the seller.

I have bought a product but the seller has bailed out. How do I get my money back?

If a product has been sold, the seller is bound to go through with the purchase. Unfortunately, there are unreliable sellers that can’t be reached and/or will not send the product. If you are worried that you have bought something from a bad seller, please contact us as soon as possible. Don’t forget to give your seller a bad rating so other’s wont end up in the same situation.

Can I, living in Sweden, order items from Turkey?

At the moment, transactions can only be made by users within their country.

It says that I have received an item when I haven’t. What has happened?

When long enough of a time has passed, we assume that you have received the item. If your item hasn’t arrived, it’s important that you let us know. Please contact us as soon as possible.

How does the feedback work?

As soon as you have received a product, you can leave either a positive or negative rating about a seller. The rating will be calculated into the overall grade. The more positive ratings one get, the more trustworthy the seller will be for other buyers. Remember to always rate, it improves the experience for all members at CLIQUE!

I use Handelsbanken and I can’t shop, why? At the moment, you cannot shop from CLIQUE with the Handelsbanken bankID but can use the Handelsbanken “kortläsare”. We have also experienced some issues with Nordeas bankID, but the “säkerhetsdosa” should be functioning.

What is Trustly?

Trustly offers bank transfers in a secure, easy and fast way between private individuals and merchants online. With Trustly you can both send and receive payments directly from your bank account. Trustly is always free of charge to use and requires no registration.

Trustly supports your favorite bank and you log-in using the same credentials as you use when accessing your online bank services.

Based on the highest security protocols in the world, millions of transactions are processed yearly through Trustly across Europe. Trustly is a safe and secure payment method and is a licensed payment institution under supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA). See our license here .

If you have a question regarding a transaction, please contact the customer support of Clique. Please visit www.trustly.com for more information.